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Music Videos, Shorts, & Live Clips for Your Enjoyment!
Total Jerk- An Original Parody

My first self produced music video! 


Parody of Madonna's Vogue From Comedy Train Rek on the 2016 Election.

Hey, Smile Baby-

An Original Parody (NSFW)


​Exploring the psyche of a cat caller.  Recorded live at ComedyGasm in Philadelphia

Hey Ho-

A Parody From Comedy Train Rek
Calling out cat callers.

Disconnecticut- A Short for Project Twenty1

Directed by Chris Potako

"That Voodo You do, or, The Legba Luncheon- Short


Just a little cameo in a silent short featuring members of The Electric 6 directed by Andre Bennet

Hungry: The Musical - Trailer


A trailer made for DVD of the filmed performance of the original live musical.  I get a good amount of camera time for such a short trailer :) Fun Fact:  This was the first project Amanda Sylvester & I worked on together before Touch Me Philly was even a thought!

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