Photo: Michael Albany Photography

A bit about lil ol' me...

A celebrator of theatrical &multimedia expression, of compassion & aesthetic- I aim to keep you entertained, get you thinking, and help you find your best you!  A theatre actress at heart, and outspoken activist/pain in the ass since I was a kid, my life long love of performance stems from my belief that through better understanding we better ourselves, and better our world.  

As a performer I've dabbled in many things.  Some personal highlights include:


-Co-Producing 26 unique events over 5 years with my partner Amanda Sylvester as our company "Touch Me Philly Productions.

             I'm particularly proud of our 2015 production Reasonable Fear: a Theatrical Exploration of Rape Culture & Street Harassment

--Writing and performing dozens of original parody songs including at events like The Bechdel Fest and Funny Songs Fest 

-Playing Stabigail, an zombie Horror Host for UNDEAD... um, I mean LIVE... yes... live... late night screenings of indie films. 

-Becoming a FemmeCee/event hostess and guiding audiences through night after night  of cabaret entertainment!

-Co Producing and Winning 2 awards in the 2019 Project 21 Short Film Festival for our very silly short 'You Get Born'

-Playing 'Emma Goldman' in Howard Zinn's 'Emma'.  Ok, it was all the way back in 2006, but that show meant a lot to me on many levels and will always be a highlight for me no matter what else I do.  

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