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~Claws by The Stylish Bat~
Bootique Gel Nails by Alyson Rodriguez Orenstein

Due to Covid 19, I have stepped back from the salon.  I hope to return as soon as it is safe, but even though it's legal to provide nail services again, I do not believe it is safe yet.  I will  continue following the science and will post/start booking again, as soon as I'm confident in your safety and mine <3 


Follow my instagram account:  @TheStylishBat for  updates & photos of my cosmetological creations.

Before the pandemic, I was blessed to work at Danger Salon, here in Philly. I the first tech in the Philadelphia area to offer the Apres Gel X system!  I also offered shellac. sculpted gels nails, nail art, & the amazing IBX nail strengthening treatments.

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