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Since 2017 From the Belfry has been Alyson's one woman production company. While much of her creative energy in the past few years has gone into cabaret performance and school/salon work, From the Belfry is where Alyson's batty solo ideas take flight and become entertainment for you!   From Music videos to livestream shows, from photography to podcasts, Alyson sticks her hands in a lot of creative pies.  

Previous productions include:

'Tied Up TUesday' A live streamed variety show series

'Last Rants: Musings from an Empire on the Edge' - A Podcast of Politics & Parodies

The '(Trumps A) Total Jerk' Political Parody Music Video (below)

Ukulele Videos - Simple at home video series of learning to play, sharing progress, and simple songs.  You can still see these now on the FROM THE BELFRY YOUTUBE CHANNEL.


'(Trumps A) Total Jerk'   &     "F*** You, Mitch McConnell' my first original Uke song!
You may sense a theme in what I tend to write about... 

Watch some of Alyson's work with other producers on her video page by clicking here!



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